La THArée

Belgian beer inspired by Trailleurs of the Haute-Ardenne

La THArée


Legend has it that the THArés (Traillers of the Haute-Ardenne) draw their their strength from a beer with fir extracts and spring water from the deep forests of the Haute-Ardenne. Like Druids, they penetrate nature to harvest their precious treasure, young Douglas shoots with a sweet citrus scent. All the character of this splendid and mysterious region is reflected in THArée beer.

Our value

Inspired by nature

Icone deux jeunes feuilles

Made in the Haute-Ardenne

Icone ici

Very high quality products

Icone sapin

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Our history

Lovers of the great outdoors, beer and trail running, Florentin Gooris, Laurent Léonard and Laurent Maréchal founded la THArée in 2016. The THArée meaning Trailleurs Haute Ardenne.

We dreamed of ceating a beer by incorporating the scents of the forests that awaken our senses during our trail trips. We wanted an organic beer of he very high level representative of the Haute-Ardennes. A beer totally inspired by nature and in tribute to our region. What better way to flavour a beer Made in Haute Ardenne than the sweet fragrances of resinous? Spruce, larch, douglas? We then opt for Douglas fir and its wonderful frangrence with sweet citrus notes,... wich was a revelation for us! Like Druids, we explore our dense Ardennes forests in search of our treasure: Young Douglas firs!

La THArée

Visit our microbrewery

Our microbrewery can be visited by reservation. We offer our tasty products (beers, liqueur, cheese and sausage) for tasting as well as a series of activities in nature (brewing, guided hikes, trail trips and our well-known OrienTHArée).

La THArée

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