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Made in the Haute-Ardenne

Our beers are organic and made with very high-quality products. For example, the water we use comes from wells and is well known for its quality.

Un rivière paisible en Belgique

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Triple blonde

A triple in the image of the Haute-Ardenne thanks to the Douglas fir that makes it so refreshing.

Description: Strong beer with sweet citrus notes of Douglas fir.

Vol Alc. 8% • IBU 32 • EBC 7

Bottle of the THArée triple blonde


An amber brewed in tradition with its sweet bitterness.


A traditional amber, slightly bitter.

Vol Alc. 6% • IBU 22 • EBC 14

Bottle of the THArée amber


A true Indian Plae Ale, with its sweet bitterness and good taste of hops.


Indian Pale Ale with sweet hop flavours, subtly bitter.

Vol Alc. 6% • IBU 35 • EBC 12

bottle of the THArée IPA


Blond beer with character. Its low alcohol content gives it a refreshing lightness.


Blonde beer with character and a refreshing lightness.

Vol Alc. 4,5% • IBU 25 • EBC 9

Bottle of the THArée light


A real lager with a real organic strawberry juice, not too sweet.


Blonde beer with real organic strawberry juice, very low in sugar.

Vol Alc. 4,2% • IBU 25 • EBC 18

Bottle of the THArée milling
La THArée

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