Bivouac wood stove

Bivouac wood stove

Stove and brazier of wood bivouac composed of 6 beers 33 cl of your choice.


A great gift idea for your family or friends. Or simply to please yourself!

Hexagon bivouac wood stove and brew in stainless steel from La THArée is intended for all nature lovers who wants to use a renewable, free and easy-to-find fuel that is wood. This stove is very flat and compact once stored.

Supplied accesories; /

Fuels: Wood

Dimensions in cm( L x W x H)

Folded and Rowed: 24 x 18x 2 cm / Unfolded: 24 x 18 x 15.7 cm / Diameter pan: 16 cm

Materials: Stainless steel, thickness 1mm

Weight (g) 1100

Additional information

  • Does not rust

  • Ultra compact

  • Opening for easy fuel supply even during combustion

  • Good stability of the pan

  • Raised and perforated internal plateform ( 7 holes) for optimum ventilation

  • The hexagonal wood stove and brazier is designes for cooking simple meals. We recommend pans no more than 1.5 liters

  • Fully articulated side panels fit together easily for quick installation

  • Opening and perforations amplify draft and heat for fast and efficient cooking

The pack consists of 6 beers in 33 cl that you can select according to your tastes and preferences

All our beers are organic and of very high standard.

For shipments outside Belgium, the shipping price is available on request by email: [email protected]

Le pack au choix

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